Providing life saving fresh fruits and vegetables to impoverished families.

Yearly Goals:

    • To rescue 30,000,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables from being thrown away in the landfill at Nogales, Arizona.
    • To distribute $45,000,000 worth of fresh fruits and vegetables to hungry families and children through out America and Mexico.
    • To provide 25,000,000 nutritious meals of fresh fruits and vegetables.To serve 600,000 hungry and needy families with nutritional fresh fruits and vegetables
    • To help 1,800,000 disadvantaged children

Strategy for Achieving Goals:

    • Develop relationships with produce brokers in Nogales and Phoenix to pick up the produce they do not want.
    • Collaborate with other charities of similar vision for shared use of facilities and equipment for rescuing and distribution of produce.
    • Link up with other charities for actual distribution of produce to recipients.
    • To share the vision of rescuing and distributing fresh fruits and vegetables to the hungry that may participate financially as well as through volunteering their time.

Capacity for Achieving our Goals:

    • Since 2008, the organization has continued to rescue and distribute food to the needy.
    • With the staff and volunteer support, the organization has the proven skillset in rescuing and distributing food to the hungry and needy.
    • The organization has a volunteer base of professionals and associates who have consistently provide their expertise to help support the organization’s mission.
    • Since 2008, the organization has consistently generated the resources to accomplish it’s objectives.