The 3000 CLub's Blanket Program

The 3000 club is dedicated to supporting our communities. We are looking for support to get warm blankets to people that are in need.

Homeless Veterans
An unfortunate thing we witness in America is that these people have put their lives on the line for our country and freedoms, only to return with injuries, PTSD and other mental issues that sometimes prohibit them from returning to a normal civilian life. Sadly, over 45,000 veterans are homeless in the United States today. We are partnered with different organizations to be able to distribute blankets to these brave people in need.

Homeless Shelters
Another astonishing number is that over half a million people are living on the streets in the United States today. A quarter of this group unfortunately, is children. The uses of blankets are endless as they can provide not only comfort and warmth, but a softer and much more comfortable sleeping arrangement.

For only a $3 donation, we are able to supply one blanket to the need that you choose in the comments box.