american_medical_aid_1The American Medical Aid Program, also known as The 3000 Club Medical Reclamation Project saves lives by recovering unused medical supplies, nutritional supplements, educational materials and personal care products and equipment. Every year, we reclaim more than several million dollars worth of medical supplies which are redistributed to people with critical needs both locally, nationally and globally.

Since 2008, the organization has helped deliver these medical resources directly to underserved populations in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti and the Philippines.  Volunteers are needed on a continuing basis to help find, sort and repack. Shifts are flexible and fun! We welcome groups who would like to volunteer on weekends.

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February 11-12, 2015


Nestled in the foothills of three mountains San Pablo City in the Province of Laguna, The Philippines, was the beneficiary of this year’s Medical Mission jointly hosted by The 3000 Club USA and The 3000 Club of the Philippines on February 11 and 12, 2015, at the San Pablo City General Hospital and the provincial district hospital Pagamutan Panlalawigan ng Laguna.


Cervical Cancer Awareness and Prevention


On the first day of the Medical Mission, 400 barangay women and girls availed of free cervical screening using visual inspection with acetic wash, the recommended method for cervical screening in low resource areas. Cervical cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women in the Philippines, killing at least 10 Filipinas daily – many in the most productive stage of their lives. It is curable and preventable with early detection.


Also provided free were 13 cryosurgeries, 19 ultrasound scanning and 400 female consultations. Twelve other patients were rescheduled for cryosurgery and 3 advanced cases were referred for further laboratory works and diagnosis.


Eight specialists from the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society travelled in early dawn the 90 kilometer distance from Manila to join counterparts from the San Pablo City Medical Society and the City Health Office. Although there were only 400 slots for patients, more than 500 barangay women came – a tribute to the excellent organization, coordination and communication efforts by all the partners and to the women’s increasing awareness about their own health.


Minor Surgery


The second day, dubbed as “Operasyon Bukol”, was allotted for minor surgery of tumors, carbuncles, warts and boils that could be done outside an operating room. Because of poverty, these growths have been left untreated, leaving those afflicted with health issues, inferiority complex and embarrassment. Some are unable to find or hold employment because of the stigma caused by such defects.


Five surgeons of PPL alternately operated on the face, back, knees, finger, arms, legs and feet of 30 pre-screened children, women and men who registered for the free surgeries. A further 10 patients have been rescheduled for surgery.




A Pharmacy set up for the Medical Mission gave free medicines prescribed by the specialists, such as antibiotics, anti-bacterial, pain relievers and vitamins. About 1,389 reading glasses were distributed.


The Volunteers


Comprising the team of about 105 volunteers were medical specialists, nursing staff, and non-medical volunteers. The medical team were (a) 19 OB-Gyn specialists from the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society led by Dr. Enrico Gil Oblepias, Chair – Outreach Mission; San Pablo City Medical Society headed by Dr. Rossana C. Shellshear, President; and the City Health Office led by Dr. Bernadette Esclanda; and (b) five surgeons led by Dr. Norman Isberto from the Pagamutan Panlalawigan ng Laguna. They were assisted by nursing staff from the San Pablo City General Hospital and PPL.


The non-medical volunteers likewise ably supported the medical team. Led by Ms. Ethel Luzario, President and CEO, The 3000 Club USA sent 16 volunteers (including two nurses from the Philippine Nurses Association of Arizona) to complement the team of volunteers from The 3000 Club of the Philippines. The San Pablo Lake City Lions Club also participated by providing snacks and managing the distribution of reading glasses.


The Medical Mission’s Overall Coordinator was Ms. Bing Grande, President of The 3000 Club of the Philippines. The Committee members were Dr. Rossana C. Shellshear, President of the San Pablo City Medical Society; Dr. Job Brion, Head of the City Health Office; Dr. Lucy Celino, Chief of Clinic, SPC General Hospital; and Dr. Norman Isberto, Surgeon, PPL.