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The 3000 Club's Blanket Program

The 3000 club is dedicated to supporting our communities. We are looking for support to get warm blankets to people that are in need.


We have an opportunity in which we would love for you to be a part of. This next produce season, we are looking to purchase a 24 foot refrigerated box truck. We will be using this box truck for our Market On the Move program, as well as our School Box Program. We are looking for organizations and companies to partner with us on this community. This truck will be driven daily to schools, and churches for our school box program, and it will be driven Saturdays as well to deliver produce to numerous Market On the Move locations. We as for your help in being able to fund one. Please visit our GoFundMe page 🙂

Market On the Move Gift Vouchers Available!

You asked for them, and you got em! Share these with friends and family!
These vouchers are ONLY available from to August 23, 2016 until October 31, 2016! We have very limited quantities, and these vouchers are good ONLY in the 2017 year.

We are The 3000 Club

The 3000 Club is a non-profit charitable organization with a 501(c)(3) status (EIN #27-
3295358), working with food banks in Arizona, California and other non-profit
organizations. Please help us build a healthy and caring community. You can also
provide your support either by donating or volunteering your time.

Market On the Move


Families fed in 2015 alone

The Market On the Move program provides a farmers’ market atmosphere.
Additional locations are being opened up and you can check the most updated
locations from our home page. Our supporters AKA MOMers can come on a
regular basis and make their $10 donation to receive up to 60 lbs. of fresh
produce. There is no need to pre-register or pre-donate on line. Donations can be
made at the host site. MOMers are encouraged to share these produce with other
families, thereby building a healthy and caring community.

 Text “Market” to 88202 to receive our text alerts about our market locations!

American Medical Aid

Medical Shipments sent this fiscal year

The 3000 Club Medical Reclamation Project saves lives by recovering unused medical supplies, nutritional supplements, educational materials and personal care products and equipment. Every year we reclaim more than several million dollars worth of medical supplies which are redistributed to people with critical needs both locally, nationally, and globally.

Since 2008, the organization has helped deliver these medical resources directly to under served populations in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, and the Philippines. Volunteers are always needed on a continuing basis to help find, sort, and repack. Shifts are flexible and fun!

MOMers Thrift Shop


Different items to choose from

Coined after one of our flagship projects, Market On the Move (MOM), we can definitel help you find the best hidden treasures in Tucson when you are shopping at the MOMers Thrift Shop and the savings for every day of the week. 
When you are clearing your closet, replacing your appliances or spring cleaning at your house, donate any gently used or no-longer needed items to the MOMer’s Thrift Shop and support our mission.

Market On the Move Locations

We are finished with MOM sites for this produce season!

On behalf of everyone here at The 3000 Club, we would just like to say thank you to everyone and our volunteers for your support and help through this last produce season.

As you know, produce season typically slows down to a crawl during the summer months. Usually our markets are finished by June, but we have been blessed and lucky that we have been able to get the amount of produce we have been getting.

Our produce season will resume in November of this year,
so we encourage everyone to come see us again later on this year.

One thing we are pleased to announce is that we have gift vouchers available again. These gift vouchers are absolutely great for giving out to friends, family, neighbors, and the people that you know are in need. Each voucher is good for up to 60 lbs of produce.

$10 donation = 1 Voucher
$50 donation = 6 Vouchers
$100 donation = 12 Vouchers
$150 donation = 18 Vouchers
$200 donation = 24 Vouchers
$250 donation = 30 Vouchers (Best Value).

A special note about these vouchers is that they will only be available to get from August 23rd until October 31st. Which means you are only able to get them during the off season for produce and we have VERY LIMITED QUANITIES. The vouchers are able to be used ONLY during the 2017 year, which means you are able to use them from Jan 1st 2017 to Dec 31st 2017.

You can order them HERE

Once ordered, vouchers are ONLY available to be picked up at either our
Phoenix, or Tucson warehouse, located on

1741 West Rose Garden Lane Suites 6-9
Phoenix, AZ 85027
9am – 3pm
(623) 374-2559


350 South Toole Ave
Tucson, AZ 85701
9am – 3pm
(520) 373-5256

You may also pick them up at either location without ordering online, but please call ahead
to ensure stock.


We hope that these vouchers can be shared with others
and that you can touch the lives of people you know are in need.

Locally yours,
The 3000 Club


Lon Taylor
Nicco Punzalan
Chief Executive Officer
Ethel Luzario